Forrestdale & Oakford HAFP

Project Title: Forrestdale & Oakford HAF Client: Peet Limited Ltd Pty

Location: WA

Project Description:  MacroPlan was engaged by Peet Ltd to assist with the preparation of documentation regarding its future proposal for funding under the Federal Government’s Housing Affordability Fund (HAF) for its residential development at Forrestdale & Oakford, Armadale. MacroPlan noted that the structure plans for both the Forrestdale and Oakford sites were still waiting for planning approval for the Armadale Redevelopment Authority and therefore at that stage were not in the position to submit a full application to the Federal Government to secure HAF funding. In that context, the purpose of the report was to specifically identify and demonstrate a significant demand and need for affordable and low cost housing in the City of Armadale and that Peet’s Forrestdale and Oakford sites were strategically positioned to accommodate this demand and hence strong candidates to secure HAF funding.