Geelong Convention Centre Economic Impact & Benefit

Location:  Geelong (VIC)

Brief:  The study involved measuring local, regional and likely state and national economic benefits associated with a potential Convention and Exhibition Centre development including hotel accommodation in the city of Geelong.  A review of the optimal site - based on a detailed criteria analysis of 10 potential sites - was undertaken prior to the economic impact and benefits assessment.

Methodology:  MacroPlan’s assessment estimated the economic impacts for the GCEC, including a 4 star hotel and car parking, and the wider economic benefits of convention and exhibition centres elsewhere in Australia through a case study analysis. The result provided a quantified figure of the potential state and local benefits of the GCEC.

Result:  MacroPlan’s report identified significant economic benefits associated with the construction of a convention and exhibition development in Geelong. It was recommended that Council seek appropriate Government funding to undertake a comprehensive feasibility study and business case for such a development.