Gold Coast Industrial Futures Study

Project name: Gold Coast Industrial Futures Study Location: Gold Coast Local Government Area (QLD)

Client:  City of Gold Coast (CoGC)

Brief:  The CoGC wanted to better understand the context of industrial employment lands through the following tasks:

  • Create a snapshot of current business activity within industrial precincts

  • Provide a market analysis of industry capabilities and supply chain gaps

  • Explain the changing face of manufacturing and industry in the city

  • Examine implications for the city’s industrial precincts (i.e. identify those which should be protected, for what types of industries, and those which could potentially be transitioned to a greater mix of uses)

  • Identify future growth industries that should be targeted by the city’s investment attraction program.


Methodology:  MacroPlan provided the City of Gold Coast thorough and evidence based approach to assessing, analysing and providing meaningful strategy recommendations.  This was achieved through the creation six distinct deliverables including:

  1. Capability Assessment: Assessed the current state of industrial employment and businesses utilising reputable data sources.

  2. Industrial land Audit: Inspected and recorded business details located on industrial land throughout the entire city, producing an audit database including key details and photo records

  3. Supply chain Gap Assessment: Identified strengths and weaknesses of industrial business operation, including sources of material inputs and consumer locations

  4. Market Trends Assessment: Provided a comprehensive analysis of past and current trends for specific industries

  5. Future Economic Drivers Assessment: Analysed natural internal and external drivers of demand

  6. Project Recommendations: Set out meaningful action steps for Council to follow to optimise development

  7. Investment Attraction Materials: Presented Council with content used to promote industrial land investment

Result:  The project provided CoGC a vastly expanded understanding of industrial businesses on the ground, specifically which industries will respond easily to targeted investment and supporting policy compared to those that will not respond.  This knowledge allowed the CoGC to refine their strategic approach to industrial land development strategy.  The project provided the CoGC a better understanding of non-traditional industrial land uses such as gyms, churches and creative industries as well as permitted a refocused approach to marketing Gold Coast industrial space.