Hawkesbury Hospital Multi-disciplinary Clinic

Project name:  Hawkesbury Hospital Multi-disciplinary Clinic Location:  Hawkesbury Hospital – 2 Day Street, Windsor (NSW)

Client:  MBMO Architects

Status:  Development Consent received. Construction tender documentation is in the process of being prepared.

Brief:  MacroPlan was engaged to prepare a Statement of Environmental Effects to accompany a Development Application (DA). MacroPlan was also responsible for liaising with Council and navigating the approval pathway process.

The DA proposed a new multi-disciplinary clinic to support the existing Hawkesbury Hospital in Windsor, NSW. The clinic will be jointly funded and operated by the NSW Department of Health as well as Notre Dame University. It will be a teaching clinic assisting new or current medical professionals to improve their skills and experience. Attendees of the clinic will be able to benefit from the experience of existing medical professionals at the Hawkesbury Hospital, whilst they will also provide additional capacity in the provision of medical services to the Hawkesbury region.

Amongst other facilities, the clinic will include a 60 seat lecture theatre, library, simulation rooms, offices, reception as well as 12 studio apartments together with cooking, cleaning and washing facilities for those students undertaking extended practice sessions.

Methodology:  MacroPlan attended all design development meetings to ensure it gained an in depth understanding of the design and operation of the proposed facility. A Statement of Environmental Effects was then prepared to accompany the Development Application. The SEE considered all relevant statutory and non-statutory planning controls including State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007, State Environmental Planning Policy No. 64 - Advertising & Signage, the Hawkesbury Local Environmental Plan 2012, and the Hawkesbury Development Control Plan 2002.

MacroPlan acted as the main point of contact between Council and the client in order to facilitate the DA assessment process. It established and maintained an amicable relationship with relevant Council officers, including DA assessment staff and engineers. The relationship was instrumental in achieving a timely Development Consent.

Result:  Development Consent has been obtained at the client has commenced preparing construction documentation to commencing the construction tendering process.