Kawana Specialist Activity Centre

Location: Sunshine Coast (QLD)

Brief:  MacroPlan was commissioned by Stockland to consider the most appropriate development outcomes for the Kawana town centre, including a review of retail, community, health and commercial uses. A key consideration included the development of the centre and its potential as a Transit Orientated Development (TOD).

 Methodology: In undertaking the project, MacroPlan considered the existing planning framework in relation to local & State Government policy.  A number of possible delivery scenarios for the centre were then developed to examine the potential economic benefits and impacts of alternative development outcome. MacroPlan hen investigated the likely economic impact of the proposed regional public hospital within the centre.

More specifically, the project focused on a review of macro-economic conditions, an analysis of Sunshine Coast Market Cycles, an assessment of the Sunshine Coast Office Market before assessing the impacts on timing and staging and reviewing the cost benefit implications.

Result:  MacroPlan concluded that the Kawana Town Centre will need to adopt a role of a specialist activity centre with a larger supply of retail and office floorspace to achieve its aspirations within the LGMS and more broadly as a TOD.