Max Light Rail – urban Economics and Property Assessment

Location:  Covered stage one of the proposed MAX light rail alignment through the local government areas of Stirling, Vincent, Perth, Subiaco and Victoria Park (WA) Client: Western Australian Department of Transport and the Department of Planning

Brief:  Assessment of the current context and future growth pattern of activity centres along the MAX route including employment, residential, retail, population and demographic trends under a number of public transport development scenarios

Methodology:  It was felt that in terms of future intensification along the proposed alignment the best indicator of future development trends over the 30 year time span of the study could be determined by:

  • The likely policy response to the opportunity offered by the major infrastructure development; and

  • the market response to the increase levels of opportunity available along the alignment.

In consultation with the client an intensification plan was devised and the impacts upon base capacity of this plan were evaluated to assess its impact upon residential housing, mixed use development and activity centre based employment.

The related economic impacts of the intensification scenario were assessed by Macroplan’s consultancy partners Ernst and Young

Result:  MacroPlan’s detailed analysis resulted in a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of planning policy change in the light of the proposed development and the resultant increase in population, housing, employment, property values and taxation related income that could be attributed as a direct result of the MAX Light Rail project. This information will be used as part of the Western Australian government’s ongoing assessment of the financial viability of this project.