Melville to 2050 - Intergenerational Report

Location:  City of Melville, Perth                               Brief:  The City of Melville acknowledges the challenges and implications for local government emerging from the diversity of intergenerational change.  This theme is specifically articulated in the Commonwealth's Intergenerational Report 2010 entitled Australia to 2050: Future Challenges.

In this context the City of Melville took the initiative to explore and assess the nature of future implications and impacts on the City's diverse financial, infrastructure, services and governance roles.

MacroPlan Dimasi was engaged by the City of Melville to undertake research and analysis of the impact of the Intergenerational Report 2010, Australia to 2050: Future Challenges on the functions of Local Government, in particular Melville.

Methodology:  The project team assessed the key themes raised in the Intergenerational Report 2010 and other key policies to set a context for detailed research into the implications for City of Melville. The research was focused to 2050, with an outline of the current economic and social lifecycle and trajectory of the City of Melville within the context of metropolitan Perth.

A high level assessment was undertaken on a range of key themes relating to the future development and evolution of the City of Melville including Population and Migration; Wealth, Health and Ageing; Housing, Affordability and Density; Transport, Congestion and Mobility; Economic Centres, Precincts and Nodes; and Community Facilities and Technology.

An impact assessment was prepared for Council, of the themes above on the city’s service delivery, costs and revenues. These findings were consulted through all levels of Council.

The final document was focused to identify the next steps or approaches that could be adopted by the city to maximise the benefit of the growth and evolution of the City of Melville to residents, businesses and stakeholders.

Result:  The broad findings of this research and analysis were considered as part of the strategic corporate planning process of the City of Melville.

In taking the initiative to assess and respond to the Intergenerational Report 2010, Australia to 2050: Future Challenges, the City of Melville is engaging in a pioneering approach to policy development, which seeks to make informed decisions based on a proactive approach to research and analysis.