Northern Gateway Industrial Park Industrial Needs Assessment

Location:  Bullsbrook (WA)

Brief:  Project 1 - Assessment of the advantages of the industrial development at the Bullsbrook site over competing industrial estates and highlight the tenant benefits including access to the major urban growth areas in Perth’s northern suburbs. The assessment also considered the development-ready status of the Northern Gateway Industrial Park in relation to the timing of the Perth-Darwin Highway and other major infrastructure.

Project 2 – Assessment of the Kmart store network in Western Australia, forecast the likely future Kmart store network for Perth based on major urban growth areas and likely future activity centre network, and assessment of the comparative travel distances, times and freight costs of servicing the Kmart network from the following estates:

  • Northern Gateway Industrial Park;

  • Jandakot Airport;

  • Perth Airport;

  • Meridian Park Industry Estate;

  • Cockburn Commercial Park;

  • Flinders Precinct;

  • Enterprise Park; and

  • Forrestdale Business Park.

Sirona Capital Pty Ltd has commissioned MacroPlan to provide guidance and recommendations regarding a potential industrial development. The objective of this study is to take the assessment to the next level of detail and review and analyse the Perth industrial market to highlight the current market gaps that exist and to identify the potential end user types for an industrial estate in Bullsbrook.

Methodology:  The following methodology has been utilised to achieve the project objectives:

  • Identification and understanding of the location of the subject site to understand the likely positioning in an industrial context;

  • Reviewing relevant planning documents and policy documents in order to guide the strategic context of the site;

  • Reviewing key economic drivers for employment land nationally including road and rail infrastructure, population growth and industry dynamics;

  • Assessment of the historical land consumption rates and outline the range of factors that have limited consumption including supply fundamentals, prices and competitiveness, economic cycles (e.g. Global Financial Crisis); and market gaps;

  • Assessment of the industrial land market segments including the importance of geography, business drivers and business requirements;

  • Analysis of other industrial estates from around Australia to understand key success factors, best practices and opportunities which could be applied to Bullsbrook;

  • Identification of market gaps in Perth industrial market to ensure the delivery of a new estate at Bullsbrook will meet the demands of the Perth industrial market; and

  • Analysis of the current offering, market conditions and perception of the Bullsbrook area to understand the potential for a new industrial estate in the area and its importance to the State.

Result:  MacroPlan’s intensive research, detailed analysis and robust forecasting techniques ensured a comprehensive report of the analysis and findings of the study, a summary report suitable for distribution to potential tenants as a package of information to supplement the information Memorandum, as well, a report assessing the comparative benefits of the Northern Gateway Industrial Park to service Kmart’s store network.