Perth Industrial Precinct Profiles

Project name: Perth Industrial Precinct Profiles Client: Dexus

Location:  Perth Metropolitan Region

Brief:  Why invest in Perth’s industrial sector?  Where are Perth’s major current and future industrial precincts? How are they utilised, who are the major players and what are the drivers for change?

Methodology:  MacroPlan conducted a comprehensive assessment of industrial land within the Perth metropolitan region to establish key metrics related to the key drivers for demand for industrial land including the potential impact of major future resource (and non-resource) projects.  The project considered past and future freight and container movements, current and proposed infrastructure as well as future population growth expectations and related impacts on economic growth.

At a precinct level, Perth’s industrial land supply was evaluated for long-term rates of absorption, tenant profiles, historic transactions, vacancy rates, infill potential and competitive advantage to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each precinct.

To complement this, MacroPlan conducted a comprehensive spatial analysis of major infrastructure, competing centres, vacant land and areas projected for future land release providing the client with a dynamic GIS interface.

Result: MacroPlan’s detailed analysis ensured a high-quality assessment and comparison of Perth’s major industrial areas identifying and ranking future investment opportunities.  The client’s specification for easily digestible information summaries and dynamic spatial data was met through the use of integrated data sheets and use bespoke spatial information compatible with the Google Maps interface.

Services: Demand and supply assessment, economic impact assessment, competitive analysis, population projections, demand assessment, land release, GIS analysis.