Shire of Roebourne – Local Planning Strategy

Location: Shire of Roebourne, Pilbara (WA)

Brief:  MacroPlan was engaged as the lead consultant* for this project which directly involves a number of communities and towns throughout the Shire of Roebourne and the Pilbara. In the preparation of the local planning strategy a number of deliverables and tasks were required. The following studies and reports were required;

  1. Local economic development strategy

  2. Property market analysis

  3. Population and demographic analysis

  4. Community facilities matrix involving demand and capacity

  5. Civil engineering services capacity

  6. Economic drivers

  7. Dwelling supply and urban residential densities

  8. FIFO labour assessments

  9. Physical and environmental limiters on land use

  10. Major industry projects review

  11. Transport and infrastructure integration

  12. Character, strategic and functional roles report

  13. Alternative growth patterns and forecasts

  14. Future growth areas

  15. Context and drivers

  16. Scenario development

  17. Opportunity and constraints mapping

  18. Integrated infrastructure demand analysis

*A number of sub consultants were contracted for the engagement of this project, including; Planning Solutions, Strategen, Transcore and Syme Marmion & Co.


Methodology:  The first major step of the process was to close the knowledge gap that the previous reports and studies had not filled.  These were the technical reports addressing the local economic development, population projections, property market assessment, community infrastructure and civil engineering capacity.  As part of this work the consulting team delivered the first of three strategies required by the client – a local economic development strategy.

From that basis, the evidential analysis phase of the project will deliver a detailed assessment of the major factors affecting the region including the opportunities for growth and constraints that impede development.  In addition, this phase will deliver a preliminary district transport strategy.

The third phase is to use this evidence-based foundation to develop and assess three scenarios for the future development of the Shire of Roebourne.

The project involves an extensive stakeholder engagement process and series of workshops to ensure the local planning strategy meets the long-term needs of the community and industry.

The final strategy will combine a strategic vision with statutory elements that will be submitted for sign-off by the local authority as well by the Western Australian Planning Commission to provide a blueprint for the area and focus local and state government actions and investment.

Result: MacroPlan is currently in the process of delivering the local planning strategy for the Shire of Roebourne which has been scheduled for completion later this year.