Sydney Olympic Park Precinct Activation Research

Project name: Sydney Olympic Park Precinct Activation Research Client: Sydney Olympic Park Authority

Brief: The Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) recognised the opportunity to create a more activated social and economic future for the precinct.  Intensifying the layers of residential, retail, commercial, educational and entertainment options available in the precinct will increase its long term liveability, enhance its lifestyle appeal and support its positioning as a pre-eminent international events destination.   MacroPlan was commissioned to provide precinct activation research for SOPA.


Methodology: The key output consisted of a report that reflected the key findings of the research program together with recommendations about the optimal activation scenario.

This included:

  1. Identifying the necessary components that make a 24/7 experience possible, including residential, retail, hospitality, entertainment, accommodation, commercial businesses, increased office space, education facilities and health care facilities;

  2. Identifying the trade area or catchment population, visitor and other thresholds that may be required to sustain such an economy;

  3. Examining the proposed development of the surrounding areas adjoining Sydney Olympic Park and whether such development will provide the base for an extended economy at Sydney Olympic Park;

  4. Providing a thorough catchment and gap analysis for Sydney Olympic Park and identifying what types of land uses could and should be developed at Sydney Olympic Park to meet the emerging demand;

  5. Recommending the respective sizes (floor space sqm or other relevant measurements) of the identified land uses and their ideal grouping and location within Sydney Olympic Park;

  6. Examining the potential to enhance the Olympic Boulevard experience and extend it beyond a ‘match day’ experience;

  7. Considering the potential opportunities for activation of the “red zone” surrounding ANZ Stadium;

  8. Considering the constraints and opportunities contained in the current Master Plan in relation to land use to achieve an extended (24/7) economy;

  9. Considering the linkages between the various Master Plan precincts to optimise the visitor experience; and

  10. Providing a phasing plan that considers the timeframe of viability for identified activation initiatives.