Warner Springs Detailed Residential Analysis and Profiling

Location: Warner (QLD)

Client:  Peet Limited and Defence Housing Australia

Brief:  Residential take-up in the northern part of the Brisbane metropolitan area has continued from North Lakes in to new greenfield areas including Griffin, Dakabin, and Warner.

Peet Limited, as representative for Defence Housing Australia, commissioned MacroPlan to inform and test a proposed product mix and pricing strategy for the Warner Springs development using an evidence-based approach.

Methodology:  In this project, the developer aimed to achieve diversity of product to meet market demand across a range of lot sizes and prices.

It was felt that an evidence-based approach would strengthen the development outcome and facilitate efficient delivery to market segments. Our research included analysis of the relationships between market duration, spatial location, price, buyer origin and purchaser profiles.

MacroPlan delivered a deep analysis across residential products and prices to best suit the project’s location and demographic profile.

Result:  MacroPlan’s empirical analysis and geographic information systems ensured the delivery of a high-quality report based on ‘big data’.

Warner Springs is regarded as a prime example of a project that will appeal to a diversity of market preferences.