West Toowoomba Local Plan – Demographic and Market Profile

Project Name: West Toowoomba Local Plan - Demographic and Market Profile Client Name: Toowoomba Regional Council


Description: MacroPlan was commissioned to prepare:

  • Population projections to 2050 – demographic profile for the two test scenarios, including by age, at one year increments and highlighting important demographic features relevant to master planning activities.

  • Urban land demand projections – land lot and housing build out rates over the life of the project; this yield information will be a key input into the design options for West Toowoomba.

  • Housing typology composition – including differences between new community, and existing Toowoomba population.

  • Household composition and formation rates – this will provide key input in to the overall housing requirement in context of preferences/need.

  • Schedule of likely attractors and threshold benchmarks – amenity, lifestyle, schooling and shopping are just some of the other things buyers are looking for in a residential development.