Western Australia Metropolitan and Regional Aged Care Analysis

Location: Metropolitan and regional Western Australia Brief:  Provide an aged care analysis on the WA market. This included GIS mapping of current and future healthcare supply and demand, as well as identification of market gaps including scoping opportunities within the aged care market.


Methodology:  Close liaison and communication with the client was required on MacroPlan’s behalf when undertaking this industry assessment. A detailed analysis into current and future supply of WA’s primary and secondary health facilities was performed.

From this information, MacroPlan Diamsi was able to assess the market opportunities and threats (including high-level competitor analysis) which was then combined with the strengths and weaknesses of our client to provide future growth and expansion strategies. These strategies included financial costing and analysis as well as performing a state-wide asset property strategy.

MacroPlan also forecast, state-wide, the future demand for health and aged care services using GIS mapping to pinpoint market “hotspots”.

Result:  MacroPlan is currently in the process of performing this targeted organisation growth strategy which will be an ongoing process for the foreseeable future.