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We need to redefine what we mean by affordability and create new statutory tools

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The concept of housing affordability was not officially defined in Victorian State planning policy or legislation until 2018. 

There are several definitions of affordable housing and in many instances they are unclear and commonly misunderstood. 

Let’s improve the definitions of ‘affordability’ within State and local planning policy and legislation, and create meaningful ‘tools’ that allow landowners, investors, developers and responsible authorities to work together to achieve shared housing objectives.

We ask the questions:

Could this involve introducing a range of new definitions concerning affordability as it pertains to different market segments or product types? e.g. affordable housing estates, affordable caravan parks, affordable retirement villages or affordable land lease communities.

Could this involve extending the Victorian Government’s Future Homes program to provide architect designed single storey infill, with no limits on the number of single storey dwellings? 

Could this involve allowing greater height, scale and density for multi-storey residential buildings with walkable access to public transport infrastructure and amenities?

Founder and Executive Chairman Brian Haratsis will be discussing this and other Big Ideas at some upcoming industry events in May 2024.

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The study required a comprehensive understanding of the FIFO/worker accommodation market, a competitor analysis to inform potential room rates, what

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