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We are a team of skilled professionals who listen, collaborate and learn from each other and our clients.

Our team comprises urban economists, property analysts, data scientists, GIS specialists, programmers, researchers, financial analysts and town planners.

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We Solve The Challenging Problems

Technology is constantly transforming the way we live and work, how we communicate, how we do business, how we learn, and increasingly how we travel. Think about how much the world has changed since the release of the first smartphone in 2007.

Advances in technology and decarbonization will change the way we design cities, how we live and move around and how we interact with the world around us. Our clients want to be leaders in managing these changes. We are here to help harness and interpret change.

Future Focused

We answer the big questions. Our team enjoys solving complex challenges facing the property industry and the economy generally. We are currently exploring the role of AI and new technology in the planning industry, how automation and EVs will support a diverse mobility revolution in Australia and how decarbonisation will generate opportunities for the property sector during coming decades.

Diverse Team

We employ a diverse team of experts throughout Australia. Our team comprises geospatial engineers, computer programmers, data scientists and analysts, economists with diverse backgrounds spanning banking and finance, government, industry and academia, town planners, urban designers, architects, policy experts and financial analysts.

Unique Data & Insights

Our team offers unique insights drawing from diverse geospatial data sets and a suite of in-house models and tools for long range forecasting and analysis.

Diverse Clients

We work across all sectors. Our clients range from medium to large-scale property developers, landowners, financiers, non-banks, Commonwealth, State and local governments, infrastructure and planning agencies, universities, healthcare and childcare providers, aged care and retirement village operators and investors, industry associations and individuals. We partner with our clients.


We work closely with other professionals in the property industry including architects, engineers, urban designers, cultural heritage, biodiversity, lobbyists. We go behind the headlines to understand what is really driving a narrative and the options available to influence future decision-making to achieve better outcomes for our clients.

Experienced Team

Since our foundation nearly 40 years ago, macroplan has operated in the Australian market. We have a national footprint with offices in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne. Our clients can attest to successful working relationships with our team.



Macroplan’s journey began more than 40-years ago in North Melbourne, when Chief Executive Officer Brian Haratsis left the Victorian State Government to start his own property economics and planning consultancy.

Working initially with Councils around Australia, Brian helped modernize the Victorian Local Government Act, including systems relating to municipal rates and charges, infrastructure levies and developer contributions.

With a keen interest in retail shopping centre planning and design, Brian rapidly developed a reputation for thinking outside the box, infusing many well-known and successful retail projects with his innovative ideas.

A practical, down-to-earth approach to problem-solving and deep sector knowledge has enabled Brian to form close relationships with many of Australia’s prominent landowners, property developers and professionals working across all streams within the property and planning industry.

In the early 2000’s, Macroplan launched a national urban economics, property research & planning consultancy with offices located in Australia’s major capital cities.

Macroplan is continuously evolving its service offering with a strong focus on helping clients navigate many of the challenges facing the Australian property industry, including opportunities relating to the role of AI, automation and decarbonation and the implications for the property and planning sectors.

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Level 12, 360 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
PH: (03) 9600 0500
Level 10, 580 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
PH: (02) 9221 5211

Level 54, 111 Eagle Street
Brisbane, QLD, 4000
PH: (07) 3221 8166

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