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What do we do?

We work with landowners, property developers, architects, engineers, urban designers, town planners and policy makers to address complex challenges facing the property industry and related sectors. We do this by using geographical information systems (GIS) as spatial analysis and communication tools though an interactive online mapping service.

Our specialisations

Our team has a deep understanding mechanisms involved in delivering outcomes across these markets, including:

Geographical information systems
and spatial analysis

Our team focuses on the analytical insights and the opportunities driving the retail sector. The retail environment is undergoing structural changes, leading to significant implications for retail property. We provide quality advice to the property industry to inform decisions relating to the retail sector.

Spatial analysis use cases that can deliver new insights include:

Helping clients gain deeper insights

We are increasingly using mobile device ping data sourced from NEAR Pinnacle to visually represent real-time customer visitation and densities in specific locations. This information allows real-time analysis and insights concerning daytime and evening hotspots and supports the definition of reliable retail catchments. All ping data is randomised on a granular level to protect individual privacy.

We have a variety of clients across the property spectrum, including developers, landlords, operators, and government. By leveraging our expertise across this wide client base Macroplan is able to help clients to fully understand the complex property sector and provide the right insights for each.

Our work covers freestanding retailers, local convenience centres, neighbourhood centres and larger regional centres, including those integrated with significant residential developments.

Macroplan Data Analytics & GIS Mapping Team

Chief Operating Officer & General Manager Vic

Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant

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Our team is currently engaged in a wide variety of projects nationally.

The Department of Regional NSW engaged Macroplan to create an interactive mapping tool identifying business enterprises in the Hunter Region.
Macroplan undertook a detailed assessment of all 5,800 community pharmacies.
The 504-bed new Footscray Hospital was the largest health infrastructure investment in Victoria and was a State-significant project located in

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