There’s a new era in visualising property & demographic information ahead.  Macroplan have turned to the skies in the form of an online cloud mapping solution called MapCloud.

Macroplan offer a simple interface for our clients to access a suite of visual data tools that gives unprecedented access to up-to-date information anywhere, anytime.

Subscription to Mapcloud services will enable users to see data mapped on their own handheld devices and PCs without having to engage or wait.

MapCloud Products

LandShark is designed for those interested in greenfield development sites.  It overlays town planning structure plans, land boundaries and other significant features to show future land use configuration.

Mapped is a platform which allows key industry sectors to undertake demand, supply and pricing analyses.

To request a demo of the MapCloud products, please contact Anu Mishra, National GIS Manager on 03 9600 0500 or