Why MacroPlan?

At MacroPlan we take you to a place beyond the numbers.  To a place where new possibilities live, and imagination thrives.  It’s called the future.  And it’s MacroPlan that will take you there, setting new standards at every turn.

What makes MacroPlan different is the way in which we approach our work.  Our business structure and skilled and responsive staff ensure that we can work directly with our clients to deliver precise solutions tailored to individual needs.  Each client receives the benefit of our expertise and the results of our vision and commitment

Consistency and Assurance

From timing and cost to quality and service, we are committed to producing results that exceed expectations.

Each project is underpinned by rigorous and extensive quality research.

Expertise and Proficiency

We invest in identifying the technical expertise required to deliver your unique project.  Taking into account the various individual requirement of your project, we allocate a project team from our diverse highly qualified professional staff that will deliver the best results for your project. MacroPlan’s Leadership Team play an active role in each and every project the company takes on, giving you the peace of mind that your project is in the best and most experienced hands, with top-level and bottom-line commitment to its success.


Innovation is a key component of our company culture.  It is about exploiting new ideas that give our clients added value in terms of identifying a solution to their problem, process innovation through the identification of project characteristics that can be extracted from other relevant locations and also offering a competitive edge over the rest of the field.

Collaboration and Client Relationships

We understand that the key to project success is in the close collaboration with you and your team.  Our service-focused team are hand-picked for their proficiency, expertise, communication skills and commitment to service which sees us offer our commitment to deliver precise solutions tailored to individual needs.