MacroPlan provides clients with “real world”property research and advice to support all property decisions or strategies.

Our team specialises in providing relevant property research in succinct, practical reports. Our approach is to provide property research and forecasts that can be easily digested, yet have enough depth to empower corporate boards to make informed decisions.

MacroPlan is experienced across all property sectors, and through access to our extensive database, specialist research library, advanced statistical applications and technology and by on-going market examination and assessment, can significantly improve understanding of a project.

Our experience in forecasting for individual cities, regions and local areas for all property sectors involves a wide range of tools for interpreting market strength, drawing on data evaluation and market prospects which enable us to incorporate a macro ‘top-down’ / micro ‘bottom-up’ approach.

Our Services include:

  • Tailored qualitative and quantitative property research studies

  • Supply, demand and performance research and analysis

  • Competitor and customer profiles

  • Consumer behaviour research and analysis

  • Identification of land use options and development opportunities including product mix

  • Development of growth strategies

  • Property investment and optimisation and strategies

  • Suburb profiling

  • Market assessments

  • Trade catchment analysis

  • Product Disclosure Statements

  • Presentations and workshops to project teams and boards to ensure a deeper understanding of the research findings and implications.